Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My New Friend Ian

One Day Book Workshop, I did a story about this cheeky chappy called Ian. I quite like the dodgy little Jasper, might use him again. My favourite bit was when he dressed up for salsa class, so I put that drawing on here.

A Dinosaur in a Plane and A Dinosaur with a popgun

This is the cool collab piece our group did to make the cover of our zine, which is on ISSUU now, going to try and find the link. It's pretty cool, made up with it I am. Love Connor's patterny bits, he's like a proper illustrator or something. And then down underneath here is a couple of my dino drawings, I was doing more cartoony stuff as the group liked it, I didn't mind, I got to play with felt tips.

Some Little Doodles

Found out some of my little doodles from a T-Shirt workshop we had with Marcus Oakley, he was a proper cool kid. And a little bit of what i'd like to be in the future. In the end I mad a t-shirt of the yoyo one, but my sewing was shite.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Drawing of Me With No Face

If I didn't have a face on my head, this would be classed as a self portrait I reckon.

Some Drawings of Old Men and Josh

Found some more work I quite like from sketchbooks and stuff. Then realised they were mainly drawings of old men, and one of Josh pulling a special face when we were very hungover. However, even this drawing is done over a photo of an old man (who blatantly wanted to be in ZZ Top)

Just realised this looks nothing like Josh, more like Squidworth off of Spongebob.

Thought I should start a blog so I don't fail Uni

Today right, I thought hmm wouldn't it be nice to start up one of them blog things. Now i'm on the internet properly and almost fully understand facebook, lets try a new challenge. Couldn't find any good drawings so here's some dancing gypsies I drew.